How Wigs Can Help You To Protect Your Hair

Hair protection is extremely important and we all need to make sure that our beautiful natural hair is well taken care of, but it can be hard to know just how to go about it. 

A lot of the so-called ‘protective styles’ out there can actually end up doing more harm than good to your hair while costing you time and money. Some styles will apply way too much tension on your strands and scalp and, if left in for too long, can lead to hair loss.

So, where’s a good place to start when it comes to hair protection? 

Let’s start off with what hair protection actually is. 

What is Hair Protection?



Hair protection is basically anything that you do to make sure that your strands are securely cushioned against the elements, harsh chemicals, and just about anything else that may cause it damage. The most common way of protecting natural hair usually starts with protective styling.


Protective styling can range from a simple tuck in of your ends into a simple or messy bun to covering your hair completely with a wig or other type of extension. Read more about protective styling as part of our blog article on 3 things you should know when it comes to natural hair protection here.


With so many different options when it comes to hair protection, it may seem like a daunting task to pick. You may also be wondering how choosing a wig is better than just putting in some crochet braids. We’re here to help Beautie! Read on.


Wigs and Hair Damage 



If you’re someone who’s tried wigs before and had a really bad experience or just don’t feel that wigs are for you, we get it. We’ve seen instances where wigs have caused women to lose their hair, their edges, and with the constant upkeep, their hard earned time and money. 


If you’ve ever had this issue, these were most likely the cause:

  • Glue - this can clog your pores, cause you to tear out your edges when taking off your wigs, and cause actual hair loss from allergic reactions or just from keeping them in too long. The best solution here is to go for a wig that doesn’t rely on glue to keep itself secured to your head. Try a headband wig or wig with bangs from Protect Our Hair instead. 
  • Lace - this can be difficult to get just right if you’re putting them in yourself and can sometimes leave you with a not so natural look. All of the wigs from Protect Our Hair are lace free. 
  • Clips - these are located under the wig and can be used to keep the wig in place. These may get caught in your hair and lead to minor damage. The wigs from Protect Our Hair come with clips, but these are strategically placed and are usually unnecessary. 
  • Long install time - some wigs take a lot of time to install. You have to lay your edges just right. Or make sure that your glue is set. How would you feel if you could just grab whatever style that you wanted and put it on in three seconds? That’s what Protect Our Hair is all about. Ease of install and time saving style.
  • Expensive installs - getting your hair done professionally over and over starts to lean towards the expensive side overall. Being able to install a drop dead gorgeous style on your own in under a minute is the real deal. 


The above are all reasons to not try wigs but they’re also reasons to check out alternatives to the norm. If you’ve tried lace frontals and glue, you may already know the dangers of some of these wigs. 

Here at Protect Our Hair, we’ve made sure that all of our wigs are comfortable, affordable, and still stylish. That way, your hair will be protected and you won’t have to worry about sacrificing style. 


Ready to find the perfect look for you? Click here to browse the collection. 

Wigs are incredibly easy and stylish ways to make sure that your natural hair is protected. You’ve taken care of your natural hair and now you want to make sure that it stays healthy and safe. Protect it with a headband wig or wig with bangs from Protect Our Hair. Keep styling Beauties! 

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