Protect Our Hair - The Journey of One Woman to Protect Her Natural Hair

Hey Beauties! Welcome to Protect Our Hair! It’s been an amazing journey and this community that we’ve built around the concept of natural hair protection reminds us everyday that what we’re doing is needed.


So much work and love has gone into this brand and we're excited to share it with our Beauties! But how was Protect Our Hair born? How did this idea come about and who are we here to serve? Let’s chat!


Natural Hair Journey

Photo: Founder and CEO of Protect Our Hair, Denita Ozenne


Natural hair is beautiful, and although it can be challenging to deal with, we always strive for healthy hair first. The payoff of taking care of your natural hair is always going to be worth it.


The founder and CEO of Protect Our Hair, Denita Ozenne, started her natural hair journey over a decade ago, and hasn't looked back since. 


However, in the year 2019, personal issues got in the way of that journey. Experiencing loss led to a depressive state that resulted in the neglect of hair that was previously so well taken care of. No washing or detangling for long periods of time led to heartbreaking hair loss, and this was the sign that this couldn't go on. 


The problem was this: How do we style natural hair in a way that not only protects it, but also looks good for long periods of time with little effort? The solution? Protective styles


Crotchet Styles and Edge Loss

Photo credit: passiontwistja on Instagram


The term "protective styles" is really popular in the natural hair community, and the main reasons for that popularity are the variety of styles available, along with the long lasting hair protection that usually takes little effort to maintain.

Crochet styles seemed to be the best fit at the time, but slowly a few problems arose from using these:


1. Money - every four to six weeks, it'd take about $250 to $300 to get these styles put in by a professional. 

2. Edge loss - slowly but surely, the tension from the braids and knots started pulling out her edges. 


This meant that a new solution had to be found. One that was cost effective, easy to install with no professional help needed, and easy to maintain. Overall, it should still protect natural hair. 


The Pandemic


Even with the issues resulting from the crochet styles, it took a pandemic to stop putting them in. There was no way to get to the stylist or even get your bundles at the local beauty shop. You couldn't get an appointment anywhere. All salons were shut down. Around this time, a few people started posting about headband wigs


Headband wigs were born during the pandemic to fill a need of people who couldn't get to the stylist, but wanted to look cute.



This was so new and innovative, it wasn't easy to find, but they were definitely needed. At this time, Denita started looking around, calling manufacturers and finding suppliers that could send her wigs. 


She chose 100% high quality human hair wigs and started a hair brand completely focused on protecting natural hair. 


Protect Our Hair



Protect Our Hair exists to provide women with easy to install, natural looking hairstyles. A lot has gone into making sure that these wigs fit right and the clips don't hurt. We've made sure that they're easy to put on and take off. 


We're here with easy solutions to hair protection using wigs. There's no glue or lace involved with these wigs. It's also really easy to take care of them. They're human hair and will last a really long time with proper care. 


Besides the headband wigs, we also have wigs with bangs. With these, you don't have to worry about your edges. You have a stylish and beautiful wig that comes with bangs that cover up those edges. They're super secure and gorgeous, and no one will be able to tell the difference between this wig and your natural hair. 


The headband wigs and wigs with bangs from Protect Our Hair are the perfect solution for someone who wants to look amazing while protecting their natural hair. They're great for those who want to try different styles but don't want to expose their natural hair to chemical or heat damage. 


These wigs are 100% human hair wigs and are great for busy women with no time for a complex install, or women who just want to put on a quick style and go, without having to worry about cutting lace and applying glue. 


Are you ready to take that first step towards convenient style? Let us help you to protect your hair! Check out our collection here and don't forget that all first time orders get a 20% discount on us. Happy styling Beauties! 



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