We look forward to building with you.




    Protect Our Hair is a Black Owned hair company created by a Black Woman FOR Black Women.


    This company was created as a solution when our hair becomes the problem.

    Whether that be a time problem, a styling problem, a bad hair day problem, a missed appointment problem, a last minute zoom call meeting while our hair is in a braid out problem, or "I just need a break" before this becomes a real problem type of problem.


    We are here to uplift, motivate, and cultivate long lasting relationships with our ambassadors but more than that, we want you to PROSPER, and look damn good doing it.

    We are building a community of women who grow, learn, and succeed together.

    This is more than just an ambassador program.

    This is a a sisterhood.

Key Characteristics our Hair Ambassadors must have

  • A deep love and respect for other WOC especially Black women

    This brand was created by a Black Woman for Black Women. We know how important our hair is to us. We cannot afford to have a 'bad hair day. A bad hair day could be a missed opportunity and at POH, we don't miss. Knowing that and understanding the path we all must walk is important to our company because we are many different women, but we all walk a very similar path.

  • A love for our hair and WHATEVER we decide to do with it

    We do not judge, we support. Whether you are natural, permed, or pressed, we respect other women's hair and hairstyle choices. We uplift. We inspire. We empower. We never belittle. The world can be cruel enough. We share love and light inside of this Brand Ambassador Program.

  • Be a Current of FUTURE Beautie

    Because our Beauties help create awareness of our products through various social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, Beautie Ambassadors must genuinely love our products and our mission. Your friends, family, and followers will trust that you have experienced our products first hand if you are recommending them. We run a business built on transparency and honesty. That extends to our Beautie Ambassadors


If you are already a Beautie you do not need to order another wig to begin raving to your friends if you are accepted into our program

If you are not yet a Beautie , no worries, we give our Beauties a ridiculous first time discount.

Perks of Joining the POH Ambassador Program

  • Exclusive, Ambassador-Only Product Discounts  & Access to New Launches first

    When you join, you'll get an exclusive discount code for ambassadors only that you can use any time to get a percentage off at our store! 

    Our Beautie Ambassadors get first access to new released products at their discount (& we have so many exciting launches, new wigs, styles and colors, plus products planned) and our VIP Ambassadors get opportunities to be sent a product pre-release for FREE!

  • Reposts of Your Content on Our Social Media Accounts 

    When you take bomb photos or videos of yourself or you and your friends in any of our wigs or products, make sure to post them, tag us on social media, and use our hashtag, and we'll repost you on our page! 

  • The Opportunity to Earn CASH $$$ & Other Rewards 

    Our Beautie Ambassadors get a unique referral code just for you, that you can share with your friends and social media followers. If they make a purchase with your code, you'll earn a commission on that sale!


    We offer the highest commissions in our industry (up to 25% commissions).

    Opportunity to join the VIP Ambassador Program, which offers free products, brand exclusivity, bonus payouts, and more.

    Track sales, earnings, and your income opportunities through our platform.

    This could be a very profitable opportunity for you. 


If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, we are currently accepting applications.

Simply complete our Beautie Ambassador Application today to see if you qualify for our Beautie Ambassador Program and learn more about our commission and earning structure.