Hey Beauties, let's talk about shipping and quality control.

As a small business that recently launched,  quality control is EVERYTHING to us.

Before we start to scale this thing and take over the world with our wigs and upcoming hair care line (inside info) we want to assure the wigs we are sending out are TOP quality.

At Protect Our Hair, we have a 2 Quality Check Point System before it gets to you.

Here is the POH Process of Order Fulfillment.

1. You place your order.

2. The Wig is pretreated and set to 'air out' to avoid the 'plastic smell' that can transfer from the storage container to the hair.

3. The first quality check is done. We check the wig, the clips, the headband.

4. We then cross check the curl type, length, and density to ASSURE that is the wig YOU ordered. Wigs have several variants and we want to make sure you get the one you paid for.

5. A second quality check is done by a separate person to double check the wig pattern, length, and density.

6. Once the second quality control check is complete, the wig and any additional products are packaged and shipped to you.

What does that mean for you?

That can add on 3-4 days on shipping.

Average order to delivery time with our 2 Quality Check Point System is 10-14 days.

Do we want you to start ROCKING your wig asap?


BUT we want to do it right. We refuse to be a "What I ordered vs What I received company".

You deserve quality over rushed quantity.

The foundation is being set and we want you to KNOW when you order from Protect Our Hair, I've ordered from the best.

As the Founder of this brand, I want to assure every single touch point is efficient and you get the quality I have promised you.

With that comes a little longer wait than amazon prime :-).

We hope that an additional 3-4 days for a wig that can last you 2+ years is worth it.

We think so.

Any questions, simply complete the form below and a member of our team will respond.

Welcome to the Beautie Club!

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