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Protect Our Hair

Body Wave Headband Wig

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Our Body Wave Headband Wig is ideal if you love a simple hairstyle that is easy to maintain. The S-like pattern blends with almost all hair patterns and looks very natural. It's the easiest pattern to straighten and style. We love the simplicity and versatility of the body wave wig. It's our top seller and for good reason

Shipping & Returns

If your order is in stock ,normally we need up to 5 business days to process your order as every item is inspected manually for quality control prior to being sent out and it will take another 5-7 business days to reach you.

Any order placed with Protect Our Hair is eligible for a refund within 14 days of delivery if wig is returned in its original sale condition. No questions asked :-)

To return any products, reach out to us via the contact us tab to initiate the return process.

  • 150% Natural/ Full-This is the most common density for those who want their hair to look natural with a little added fullness. A full style with bounce and movement

    180% Heavy-This density is for those who desire a full hair look. This density is heavy for those who like a full style with a lot of volume. Best paired with 22 inches & up

    200% Extra Heavy/ Glam-This density is very heavy. It is usually ordered by those who want their hair to be extra full and glamorous. Recommended for lengths over 24 inches and up.

  • ✅ Save Time. Get ready in under 3 minutes and look like you've just walked out of your stylists chair.

    ✅ Save Money. You can spend hundreds a month or get you one wig that lasts years.

    ✅ Save Your Edges. Protect your natural hair and your edges from being tweezed, burned alive and everything in between.